Friday, 15 February 2008

Get Closer

I've been doing some work on the new HMV site about to be launched called Get Closer. Tastemakers and passionate music and film buffs are now being invited to join over at

From my experience with the site, the best way to describe it would be
a social networking site that's focused on entertainment - think along
the lines of a sort of visual wikipedia, with 7 million tracks, 400,000
artists and 200,000 films listed. You can make connections (maps) between artists and films, both mainstream and more underground as well as posting up your own reviews, trivia and background info you may have. In turn, your profile page features your fave bands, films and people.

Anyone registering now will be transferred to the fully functional site
when it's ready to be launched. Get close early and build up your kudos!

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