Sunday, 3 February 2008

Live 26 Out Now

If you want a copy of the new LIVE Magazine, get yourself to Brixton or anywhere in south London with good connections. LIVE meets Kano, Maniac, Wyclef, Goldielocks, Ruff Sqwad, Bombsquad, learns how DNA Mix are helping young dads, go behind the scenes on Dubplate Drama, looks at slavery in the modern day, focus on martial arts, the darkside of Facebook, and much more.

Shout out to everyone who worked on issue 26 (Mahta Hassanzadeh, 19, Mervin Martin, 21, Corrine Burton, 19, Simone Tagoe, 16, Limara Salt, 21, Sian Anderson, 17, Osman Diallo, 17, Dannyelle Mauvour, 19, Bertan Budak, 19, Mann-Ray Powell, 19, Andre Pierre, 19, Sharmelle Francis, 20, Sofie Ahmed, 20, Tom Carrabine, 20, Melissa Gibbons, 21, Ester Knee, 20, Knowledge, Ashley Savory, 19, Andre McLeod, 21, Diana Nortey, 19, James Benenson, 19, Laura Hyperfrank Brosnan, 19, Richard Lemmer, 19, Mario Akimana, 19, Callemore Golding, 17, Tom Stokes, 15, Jordan Campbell, 15, Diana M, 19, Kieran Yates, 20, Kerrianne Taylor, 16, Harry Low, 19, Peris, 18, Sylvia, 19, Rhea Brown, 19, Chi-Shi, 17, Naomi Passley, 17, Grace Mark, 18 and anyone I've forgotten, forgive but don't forget!)

Want to get involved? All you need is to be aged between 13-22 and able to meet deadlines. Email for more info.

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