Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Make Your Mark

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Congratulations to Livity on the Make Your Mark In Music launch on Monday night. Visiting the House of Commons is always a welcome night out. I doubt Sandi Thom is reading this but I hope she didn't think I was going for her, I was genuinely interested to know how it feels as an artist when the press turn on your over night. Great hearing David Laub's management tales, the legendary Feargal Sharkey and Mervin Lyn's rise and rise. Big up Sway and Jenna G too plus was great to finally meet Peter Robinson - definite guru. Was also inspiring to meet a number of young people (me not being one of them anymore) with such fantastic ideas and business ventures going on. Reminds us all to keep on the grind because you're coming for us! Shame we didn't get to ask more questions. Must give an extra special thanks to the two MPs who took myself and the LIVE crew over to the Houses of Parliament and got us in the gallery, and the policeman who gave us the tip offs and allowed us the chance to hook up with Dame Kelly Holmes. Check LIVE 27 for the full run-down including an introduction from Gordon Brown. You dun know how we get down at number 10.

You can check my piece on blogging over at If you see the advert/hear my voiceover, try not to laugh tooooooo much.

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