Monday, 26 May 2008

I Do Alot X Alot

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I've received an influx of (ok two) messages in the last month, from people telling me they used to read my blog when it was good. Shame. The reality is, girl got busy. Back when I started it was a way to promote what others weren't, my own work and it reflected the time I had on my hands. Nowadays, I'm holding down more jobs than Connexions, alot of which might not be apparent to the naked eye. Girls not complaining mind, quite the opposite, but I'm sorry if I've let you down in anyway. This blog is now what I have time to upload, more time my own work or things I like. It's not specific. Time aside, I don't feel the need now that every artist, person and their dog has a blog (rhyme unintentional). Hyperfrank and JP Patterson do more than enough grime posting to feed the appetite of those still interested (mine having increasingly wained). I'm going to make a conceited effort to post something everyday, albeit commentary, but sometimes that 30 mins of sleep makes all the difference.

On that note, watch out for Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift issue 1 and, both launching in early June. I'd also like to thank Jessica Brinton for making me very happy, with my first piece published in Sunday Times Style. Been penning for Arena today, another thing making me smile. Congrats also to my LIVE team for banging out issue 28 in record time - we will hit the printers on time. Look out for my feature on myspace girls in thelondonpaper tomorrow. Crack soon come. Oh and I'll also be starting a new column in RWD. More deets soon. Mixmag reviews are still dropping monthly, in the new issue you'll also find an interview I did with Wiley (the same questions we ask every month). Lastly, the i-D book Safe + Sound hits shelves soon, in which, you'll also find a contribution from me.

Safety nets.

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Joseph 'JP' Patterson said...

Its alot, people dont actually read the publications you write for to know that you dont write about grime music which you still do alot of. Music is music at the end of the day dont watch no 1.

The Style magazine is a good look aswell missy.