Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Love Love Love

Andy Jones at thelondonpaper is now pimping me in the Love section. Have enjoyed doing these pieces. With regard this one, about whether lads will cheat on holiday, on emailing various males in my address book, my suggestion to share holiday stories was met with "par" (Logan), "you'll be lucky" (Daniel Kelly), "I'm an honorable one horse cowboy love" (Jack), "I ain't the one" (Pete Cashmore), "Napa = will cheat, Malia = will cheat, Ibiza = will cheat, Cancun = will cheat... (Austin Daboh), "iStay" (JP Patterson)... Heydon Prowse did offer something more substantial "Isn't there a theory by the evolutionary biologist Jared Diamond that we are naturally semi-monogomous animals. It comes down to our comparative size to females. Men are only slightly larger so we are only slightly monogomous. Puffins and Gibbons are pretty much the same size if they are male or female and they stay together for life."

Also interesting to hear what happens to people in the aftermath. Andrew Hughes found himself the object of desire for many a woman. I'm yet to hear from Dennis mind - don't be surprised if he's been castrated. Any suggestions for Love features welcome. Sure there's some stories out there.

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