Sunday, 27 July 2008

And While I'm Here...

Shop of the week: A new sweet shop, Suck Chew I think it's called, has opened down Columbia Road, E2. They've got all the old classics like apple sours and cola cubes. They tested them to make sure they rip your mouth to shreds to definitely the proper old skool ones. These guys specialise in anything you'd expect to find in Willy Wonka's back room so check it if you're in the area. Excuse me while I draw for a fruit salad.

Good book recommendation: This week James Frey 'My Friend Leonard' comes in top of the pile. I much preferred it to the classic 'A Million Little Pieces', which I still advise you read mind. James Frey also happens to be taking at this weeks Book Slam, Thursday at 12 Acklam Road. Tickets are selling fast, only £6 in advance.

Music to actually bother with: She's not letting off much info yet but trust me she's going to be big. Also got sent a new Neon Hitch track but prefer the 'Cocaine' track over at I saw a pic of her in one of the London tabloidy sections and turns out she lives with Amy Winehouse so no doubt they'll be more heat on her soon. In terms of what's out there, of course I purchased JME's album, 'Standard' is probably the standout for me on there. Having seen Jill Scott live last week, I'm repping all the albums to the max along with a disco remix of the Mystery Jets 'Half In Love...', featuring Kate Nash on backing vocals.

Product of the week: Without a doubt, the Britney Shears doll. Get me one now. I will draw beautiful designs on her scalp with my new set of multi-coloured permanent markers. I collect stationary as well as Barbie pics you see.

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