Sunday, 27 July 2008

Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift+ Online

So the website's bursting with content now. Contributors include Bibi Van Der Zee (Guardian), Ethical Consumer, Rahul Verma (Metro), Sarah Bentley (Fader), Mahta Hassanzadeh (LIVE), Kieran Yates (LIVE), Richard Lemmer (LIVE), Bertan Budak (LIVE, Fabulous), Russell Myrie (The Voice), Hattie Collins (RWD) and many more. I'm going to start doing an editors blog, I just can't seem to work out on what just yet.

If you still don't have the mag, go to articles and sign up to download the PDF version. There's new articles up on the site daily so keep checking back if you're looking for some positive education in this world where the art of nothing sells.

We're always looks for submissions too, so if you have anything to get off your chest albeit words, art, video, whateverrrrrr just get in touch. I even have a new she-mail address

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