Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift+

I've been sooo busy and this is the reason one. I am editor of Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift. And it's an amazin project to be involved in. Truly.

Our mantra? We are a global community of outspoken agitators seeking change. We stand in solidarity with the abused, violated and the ignored. We don't stop until the suffering ends. Take control of your world, alter the way it works, and shift the way the future looks. Be part of the equation.

We are a free quarterly ethical lifestyle magazine aimed at an “increasingly apathetic youth market” (I'm quoting my main man Neil Boorman now, who's also heading up the project).

Features in issue 1 include Indian girls on the game, job profiles on shit shovellers, user syringe recyclers and Zinc miners, Jamaican gangsters trading the streets to become barbers, Plane Stupid, "I'm Carrying A Dead Baby In My Tummy", From Prison To Parliament: A story of gangs, guns and survival, Graffiti from Palestine, Man of the Cloth Richard Shoyemi and how to survive an earthquake. We also quiz teen girls to find out how much they think they're worth as brides with our man in Kenya, Kiruja, giving us the lowdown on how many cows they'd really trade for. There's also columns from Sway and Estelle.

With 40,000 copies now out and about in Don't Panic packs, you can also download it from Just go to articles, and Bob's your mothers uncle.

If you want more blurb, here's what RWD said:

Leading International development agency Christian Aid is ready to take on the issues that face a vast majority of the World’s youth. Launched today is a new experimental youth project aimed at tackling global issues and the plights of British youths.

Ctrl.Alt.Shift is the first of it’s kind to use ‘user-generated’ content. Young people can register their support on the Ctrl.Alt.Shift site ( to join a global community of outspoken young radicals from all over the world, people who are working together to fight against global poverty and social injustice.

The message is simple. “The key mission of Ctrl.Alt.Shift is to bring about the democratisation of Charity, by being the first ‘consumer generated’ charity brand,” said Katrin Owusu, Head of Youth Marketing and Innovations at Christian Aid. “Using concepts of co-creation, the project will act as a vehicle for people to connect and take action by creating content and campaigns, sharing ideas and inspiring each other”.

“We want young people to engage with and understand these issues now, as they are an unavoidable part of their daily lives. We need to change attitudes, and increase the number of younger supporters. This is about driving radical and revolutionary agitation.”

So to get involved or simply have your say visit

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Hoxton Youth Council said...

I picked up a copy of the magazine. The article on India prostitution was moving. Good work.