Sunday, 27 July 2008

London Paper 77

On The Scene
Chantelle Fiddy

Clubbing can often make you feel your age, well the morning after at least.
Last Thursday I hit Plan B in Brixton, where I’d been asked to spin some tunes alongside RWD Magazine editor Hattie Collins, for the launch of a new night, Moji. But when I say spin, what I mean really is press play. I will confess to been quite scared of technology and relying on banging tunes alone (Rusko’s ‘Cockney Thug’ and Lil Wayne’s ‘Milli’ garnering enough response to stop the punters walking out). At least Collins did some pull-ups.

Downstairs, switching up the program, DOTS, the brainchild of photographer and dubstep lover Georgina Cook, which is soon set to expand and take a Friday night slot – perfect for people who like me who struggle on four hours sleep - bubbled away in the basement.

Unfortunately, while we had ample supporters up top, the gathering crowd had come to witness The Thirst, who were playing a live set. With tickets costing only a fiver, the crowd and band were in high spirits, thanks to their debut album, On The Brink, hitting stores last week. The Brixton bands are, without a doubt, my top thing right now. Favored by many people who wouldn’t ordinarily listen to rock, they’re bringing together grime heads, rude boys, hip-hop lovers and those skinny jean-wearing sorts, who’d pick Pete Doherty over their mum. The first act to be signed to Ronnie Woods label, Wooden Records, the Rolling Stones legend knows what he’s doing, even if the upper echelons of the music press are failing to pick up on them. I’m just gutted MTV filmed me at the front losing all will to stop sweating; such is the way I get down. If you’ve yet to hear of them or see them live, The Thirst will be making their mark at festivals this summer and a spate of club performances so keep your eyes peeled. But rest assured, nights like this are going to help put Brixton back on the mid-week clubbing map.

In the meantime, Fidgit, Plan B’s long running Friday night hop-hop homage, who’ve welcomes the likes of Aaron La Crate, Cash Money, Norman Jay and Jazzie B over the last few months, welcome DJ Kayper this week. Jazzy Jeff reckons she’s “the best female DJ he’s ever seen.” And that’s saying something. Another bargain, it’s free before 11pm, £6/ £8 after.

Come Saturday, Body Music has a dope double header lined-up, featuring French house maestro Franck Roger and former UK garage head and dubstep forerunner Zed Bias (who’s got too many aliases to list). Only a tenner on the door, you can afford to stay till it’s light outside. With a private smoking area at the back of the club, when you do actually leave Plan B, the only thing that would make the night better is if San Marino, the superb cafĂ© opposite, were still cooking up meatballs, paninis and cappuccino’s at 5am. One can but hope.

A version of this article appeared in thelondonpaper.

NB This is the effect The Thirst have on people. I strongly advise buying the album if you haven't already.

Ps Oh and while I was there I bumped into Fury in the toilets. She's not MCing anymore. But she's well, looking great, having fun and working hard like us independent women do. It felt weird calling her Fury as a result, but old habits die hard.

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