Monday, 3 November 2008

Ctrl.Alt.Shift Issue 2

Issue 2 of Ctrl.Alt.Shift is now available in Size, Fopp and Don't Panic packs. Alternatively, you can download it at Easy. This issue focuses on the stigma surrounding HIV, in particular the travel ban which in real talk means there are about 70 countries that will give you shit or not let you in if you have HIV. Until last month, America was one of them. They are in the process of changing their policies but there are still problems for the moment. Among the other culprits are Australia, Russia, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. If you're not down with stigma you can email the embassies from our website - all you need to do is add your name and press send. We're also hosting a series of protests in London. Last week we hit up the South Korean embassy, this Tuesday it's Saudi Arabia and next week Russia. For details log onto our Facebook group or email

Also inside issue 2 there's columns from Sam Roddick, Noel Clarke, Lucy Fairbrother on being banged up in Beijing during the Olympics for voicing support for Tibet, Sex Before School in Sierra Leone, HIV myths from around the world, the Cambodians who've discovered condoms, Sway and photographer Hainsley Brown on Ghana and high-life, Man of the Cloth Richard Shoyemi (who turns curtains into a skirt), From Prison To Parliament, Oil Baron Top Trumps and more.

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Joseph 'JP' Patterson said...

Your 10 seconds on film gave me joke for days.