Saturday, 28 February 2009

Frankmusik - Better Off As Two

I'm looking forward to hearing more from the man like Frank. Tinchy Stryder also told me their collaboration may end up been Tinchy's next single, after 'Number 1'. If you haven't heard that yet it features Dappy from N Dubz. Not the best thing ever out of Tinchy's bag, but as we all know, some of the finest tunes ever made are the ones which will never appeal to a mass market. Examples of this include his own 'Breakaway', which I love, and Ruff Sqwads 'Xtra'. I wasn't a massssssive fan of the Taio Cruz collabo either but am really really pleased it's going well for him and the camp. They've all been grinding away and showing how much difference professionalism can make... But I have to interrupt this rambling to inform you my eyebrow is twitching and it's really freaky. Maybe Tinchy has put a voodoo curse on me. Gone.

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