Thursday, 19 March 2009

Diddy Does Dance

The April issue of Mixmag has an exclusive interview with Sean ‘P Diddy’ Coombs. In it, the Bad Boy Records supremo talks about his new album, his background as a dancer in the New York house music scene of the 1980s and his friendship with dance music stars like Felix Da Housecat.

Diddy also repeats his recent criticism of some contemporary hip hop DJs:

“They come up in a generation where people are DJing for money so they
copied who they saw getting the most money, copying their style and copying
their play-list, copying what they hear on the radio.”

He describes the new sound he is exploring on his next record ‘Last Train To

“On this album, I’m using names that you know – Pharrell, Tricky, Rodney
Jerkins and T-Pain - and I’m pushing them to a certain level of greatness.
I’m motherfuckin’ Rick James on this album. I’m talking about love – sex-
pain – heartache and some other stuff I can’t mention yet. It’s the dark and
the light side.”

And how many hours he sleeps a night

“ It used to be four but I had to push it to six because I wanted to make
sure I had mental clarity. It’s hard for me to sleep more. Last night I was
trying to sleep but my brain wouldn’t shut down. I have Ambien [a
prescription sleeping tablet], or I try and run and wear myself out.”

The cover of the April issue features Diddy and Felix Da Housecat. The two
will be teaming up again for Mixmag’s party with P Diddy at the Miami Winter
Music Conference in Miami, at nightclub Cameo on 27th March.

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