Monday, 2 March 2009

Flash Mobs At A Tesco Near You!

There are flash mobs taking place across the country tomorrow, as a result of Tesco's refusing to stop selling non-fair trade bananas.

Read this article from Earth First:

Banana flashmob at Leeds Tesco in protest of Tesco refusing to stock only Fairtrade bananas.

Ctrl.Alt.Shift, a movement of young agitators, is demanding that Tesco ban the sale of non-Fairtrade bananas for good. At 1pm on March 3rd 2009, Protestors will stage a flashmob protest at Tesco Metro in Leeds city centre. Using Fairtrade bananas as dummy phones, the protestors will hold loud phone conversations about the poor ethical standards that Tesco maintains. A viral video and social network campaign will run over the internet in the run up to the event.

Over the last five years, British supermarkets have engaged in banana price wars, matching each other’s price cuts to such a low level that it is now impossible for many plantation workers to earn a living - or even a legal minimum – wage.

Hannah Martin who is part of Ctrl.Alt.Shift and helped organise the Leeds flashmob said ‘It’s a scandal that a company as powerful as Tesco refuse to fully support an organisation as significant as Fairtrade, Ctrl.Alt.Shift want to show Tesco we wont sit back and let this continue’.

In 2007, both Sainsbury’s and Waitrose agreed to sell Fairtrade-only bananas. But Tesco refuse to follow suit. As the nation’s largest retailer, it is Tesco’s duty to support Fairtrade practices within the World’s supply chains. As a result, many plantation workers are still paid less than $2 per day.


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