Thursday, 23 April 2009

Ciara Doing Migraine Skank!

I bet Justin's girl was pissed. Anyway, swear down. Blog of the day goes to MistaJam. Gracious K teaches Ciara the Migraine Skank. Man are like, show me...


We'll drop this at Shifty party. Sammi SoSo is on thissssssss. African funky and all sorts.

Years back I did a piece with Ciara for Smash Hits. T'was jokes:

Meet Ciara

Nineteen year old Ciara (pronounced Sierra) is already a huge star in her own country and now she’s coming to knock the socks off us Brits with her debut single Goodies. Smash Hits found out more over a girly chat about Goodies, Dizzee and bad kissing…


What's been the best thing about becoming a celeb?
The best thing about what I do is that I have fun and enjoy myself. I don’t mind signing autographs and it can be really cool meeting fans… I wanna be the female P Diddy!

How did it feel to get to No1 with your first single in the States?
I can definitely say it’s a blessing, I never expected to go to No1 let alone with my first single, I knew Goodies was a hit and I believed in it but I never imagined this.

Tell us, what are your Goodies?
It can be a hug, kisses, a number, anything that’s good.

Who's your big celeb crush at the moment then?
I don’t really have one to be honest. But I’d like to do a duet with Usher though. That would be hot.

How bling are you?
The most expensive thing I’ve bought is my car, a black Honda which was about $18,000. The best thing about it is that the car seats turn into a bed if you want it to.

Would do you think about programmes like American Idol and X Factor?
I don’t think I would go on one, I would have tried to work something else out but I think it’s a great show I love it. I actually got to co-write a track for the person that won American Idol this year, Fantasia, it’s on her album. I got to be a part of it which is cool.

Do you have a lot of celeb mates?
Monica is like my sister, people like (rapper) Petey Pablo and Lil Jon are good friends too. One of my best friends is LaToya who used to be in Destiny’s Child. I’ve still got a lot of good friends from my hometown of Atlanta that aren’t artists though, I’m not really into the whole celeb or hanging out with celeb thing.

Have you been to England before?
Yes, I was in London for the first time recently. I love the people, the accents and the shopping too. I’m coming back in January and I want to go and see more houses cause I love how you make them over there and buy some more clothes of course.

Do you like any UK music or artists?
I don’t get to hear much but I’ve heard Dizzee Rascal. I haven’t got to meet Dizzee yet but I really want to cause I want to get him on a remix, doing a rap… I appreciate Dizzee’s music but I don’t know whether I’d fancy him or not.

Which part of your body do you like the best?
My goodies!


“I got a bit worried that my top my fall off with all that dancing when I was making the video for Goodies. I made them secure it so it was stuck to me.”

“I’ve had some bad kisses before. If they’re all sloppy it’s like eugh”

“When I was at school I was doing a performance and I cracked up half way through. I had to apologise and try to go on.”

“When I first heard Dizzee Rascal ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp” I didn’t have a clue what he was saying until I got to England and someone told me. I was saying something totally different hahaha.”

“I was performing my first show for the record company and my pants ripped. Some people noticed but not most of them.”

RIP Smash Hits x

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