Monday, 20 April 2009

Ctrl Meets Adam Deacon

Having kindly taking time out of his busy acting schedule to be on the judging panel of our film competition, we borrowed another ten minutes from Adam Deacon - star of Kidulthood, Adulthood and Dubplate Drama - to get the low down on life under the spotlight...

What are you currently working on?
I'm currently doing a new play at the Stratford East Royal called Young Blud, all about the knife culture in east London.

How did it feel seeing Noel Clarke win the BAFTA?
I was very proud. Noel has been a massive inspiration to me, he's someone that spotted my talent from day one and has always tried to help me get out there.

How did you and he come to work together then?
We met at the Kidulthood casting way back in 2002. He said to me later on that when he met me he knew that I was (the character) Jay right there... we just kinda clicked.

How did you first get into the acting game?
I went to a place called Anna Sher in Islington, with the likes of Reggie Yates, Tiana Benjamin, and Joe Swash. Kathy Burke and even Dizzee Rascal have been through the doors too.

Is it hard not to get typecast in movies?
Defo, theres not many actors that haven't been type cast in one way or another - but I don't worry about it!

What would be your dream role?
Bond! Or maybe acting alongside Beyonce in a Hollywood blockbuster. But for now I wouldn't mind putting a lil bit of street in Albert Square - I think I could have quite an impact on a show like that (Eastenders).

Are you writing any films or programmes yourself?
Yep, I'm currently wriiting a comedy feature film set in the hood. It's gonna be massive!

Are you working on much musically?
My first mixtape is taking forever cause everytime I start working on it another acting job pops up and I have to put it on hold, but for me music and acting go hand in hand.

Why are movements like Ctrl important?
Because kids are fighting over madness most of the time - postcodes and petty beef - when there's a whole bigger picture to what's really going on.

Are there any world causes/ issues you're passionate about?
Making the youth see there are other options out there... And putting the guns and knifes down man!

What do you think about our film competition - have you ever entered something like it?
I think any opportunity for people trying to get into the industry to work with professionals on there way up is always a good thing.

Any tips you can give to aspiring film makers and/ or actors?
Success will not happen over night, it takes years of learning your craft so just keep focused and don't be put off by not earning money from it at the start. And don't give up at the first hurdle - as I said it will take years of hard graft!

Words: Chantelle Fiddy, Ctrl.Alt.Shift editor.

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