Friday, 3 April 2009

G20: Frontline Reports

Let us take a small chronic break from the monotony of the whinging and whining we encounter on a daily basis and reflect a little on the G20, in particular the protests. Ctrl.Alt.Shift, the magazine and website of which I edit, had troops at various locations, representing to the max. Some of the reports that have come back are not only excellent examples of journalism from a younger demographic but a reminder of what it's all about - not blood shed that's for sure... As Ctrl.Alt.Shift is moving servers you can't actually view them till Monday but make sure you check back for the latest from the frontline.

G20 Focus: Lemmers Report

Richard Lemmer, a student who can be found studying in York, is news editor of Ctrl.Alt.Shift and he focuses on the media coverage of the G20 protests.

G20 Focus: Climate Rush

Lance Boyd is online editor for Arts London News and reflects on the idiots who ruined the day for those who went with the cause in mind.

G20 Focus: Climate Rush

Kevin Perry, a graduate from LSE, reports on how a peaceful sit in turned nasty.

G20 Focus: Capitalism Doesn't Work

Eighteen year old Ctrl.Alt.Shift blogger Jody McIntyre, author of the Life On Wheels series, rolls out with his Capitalism Doesn't Work banner.

G20 Focus: The Bank Riots

In his second installment Jody McIntyre watches things kick off outside the RBS.

G20 Focus: Black Horse Down

Ben Anderson, staff writer with Ctrl.Alt.Shift, reports from the Black Horseman of the Apocolypse branch of the protest.

G20 Focus: The Anti Anarchist

Vikki White, a marketing officer with Platform2 reflects on anarchistic anger and why she didn't want to be a part of it, in favour of the peaceful nature of Put People First.

All photography in articles by Patch Cordwell, videotographer with Arts London News.

To watch an excellent video from The Guardian, look here You will see our banners at 2 mins 50 in.

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