Monday, 4 May 2009

Charlie Sloth V Tim Westwood

Charlie Sloth is a very funny man.
His series has been growing a steady fanbase... check the latest edition here.

Last year Charlie Sloth also took part in a piece I wrote for thelondonpaper as to whether men can actually be faithful on holiday. As a bonus, here's a replay...

To cheat or not to cheat? Not
Level of laddishness: 7
In a nutshell: Lesson learned

"I'd always thought that infidelity was about being insecure and that it was insecure people that cheated. A couple of years ago, I went to Kos with my mates, with good intentions. I'd been seeing a girl for six months, I really liked her and she wasn't worried about me going away. I'm a very honest and normally if I was getting temptations, I'd get out of the relationship beforehand. On holiday, my friends were all doing madness, a different girl, a different night, and I was loyal until five days before the end of my three week holiday when I met this girl who reminded me of my girlfriend. She was from up north, so I thought no-one's going to find out and we had a little holiday romance. We didn't speak again and I lied to my girl. I felt really bad, I thought about leaving her... but I couldn't, she was too good to be true. Six months later, things got more serious and I was invited to her families for Christmas and there was a big fuss about some relatives visiting. They were about an hour late then I had the shock of my life - the girl walked in. It was my girlfriend’s cousin. Think Sandy and Danny been reunited in Grease. "Charlie!" I didn't know what to do: leg it or admit in front of all her family what I’d done. After about an hour the girl broke down and told everyone the situation. I stood there and took it, my girlfriend left me there and then. It broke me and I nearly got beaten up by her dad but it was a massive lesson... Cheating does not work, the truth always comes out, it will always bite you and I haven't cheated since. I've written a song about, 'Going Away', which I'm thinking of bringing out this summer to warn all the lads!"


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