Saturday, 23 May 2009

Pro Green Had A Hard Night Out Alright...

You know those nights: you turn up at the club and the vibe just doesn't feel right. Too many man, too hot, too much alcohol going down... so you decide something's likely to kick off and you cut out. Sadly, we didn't realise how right we were. When I got a message on my phone this morning from Professor Green saying he'd been stabbed in the neck with a bottle, I actually thought he was joking, given our earlier convo at Dirty Canvas. Alas, he wasn't, as the picture he then sent proved. Collins and I armed ourselves with bare goodies - XXL Mag, Grazia (so he could catch up on the girl stuff), The Week (for the best in the worlds media), Nuts (boobs always aid recovery), anti bacterial hand stuff (to fend off swine flu and MRSA), lucozade (for when he's no longer nil by mouth), 12 red roses (which got confiscated so we gave them to the nurses who do a great job) and Vaseline (for those dry lip moments).

Contrary to popular rumour, @professorgreen is not having a f... on Twitpic

Despite his condition, we did manage to catch joke over the socks:

@professorgreen has the best socks on Twitpic

We also donated a sharp Boxfresh T-shirt and over sized Chiefs one for good humour. Anyway, back to the point, Pro Green is going to be ok. He's currently awaiting surgery and he's so bloody lucky that it's not a whole lot worse (ironically he has a 'LUCKY' tattoo on his neck too). Rinse was also injured but it'll take more than a broken nose to hold him down. The please have arrested someone in connection with the incident but I've got a few things to get off my chest.

Firstly, why do Cargo still use glasses? Sure it's a sorry state of affairs that we have to even consider these things and that it's got to this in society, but it's not the first time there's been a glass fight in the club.

Secondly, to all those people who stood by and did NOTHING but take pictures or film the incident - a man lying bleeding on the floor, thinking he's losing his life - I hope you can sleep well.

I can't say some of what I want to say for legal reasons but watch this space.

And on that note, it feels apt to re-up the forthcoming single from Professor Green.
We wish you a swift and full recovery famazonia. Karaoke will wait till another night.

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Anonymous said...

shit..i didnt even know anything about this...i hope hes okay..
some proper wasters out there-what did they think theyd be able to achieve by doing that?

some people are ridiculous