Thursday, 7 May 2009

Wanna Come To A Film Premiere?

I've got two tickets to give away!

The ‘Ctrl.Alt.Shift Short Film Project’ was set up to challenge young filmmakers to tackle issues of poverty and global injustice (either HIV + Stigma, War + Peace and Gender + Power) for the chance to work with leading names in film and music.

The competition launched in November 2008 and by the deadline of 31st January 2009 we had nearly 100 treatments to sift through, the massive judging panel - Riz Ahmed (Shifty, Road To Guantanamo, Brits), Adam Deacon (Adulthood, Dubplate Drama), Andy Noble (Warp Films), Amplify, Ctrl.Alt.Shift, Little White Lies, Clash and LIVE - had to fight it out! The judging panel chose four winners (our fifth and final entry was chosen by the good British public via our People's Choice voting system) who have been offered the opportunity to work with some of the finest directors such as Aoife McArdle (Minivegas), Chris Harding from Shynola (Blur/Radiohead), Kinga Burza (Le Roux/Katie Perry), Paul Andrew Williams (London to Brighton) and Jim Threapleton (Extraordinary Rendition). Music has been supplied by some of the hottest musical talent around including Chipmunk, Shy Child, Metronomy, The Thirst and Jesca Hoop plus some of the leading names from the box such as Julian Barrett (The Mighty Boosh) and Martin Freeman (The Office).

The premiere takes place on May 14th at Shoreditch Studios, 7pm. You can't buy tickets for the event. To be in with a chance of getting your hands on a pair email with 'Fiddy Not 50' in the suject line. Chipmunk and The Thirst are among the talent performing on the night. Deadline for entries is 8th May.

Summaries of the winning treatment are as follows:

Ben Newman - War School
Opting for a short based around war + peace, Ben Newman, has come up with one of the most popular entries, gaining praise across the board by looking to re-create a military training camp for child soldiers in a British school. It was described by Riz Ahmed as "a great idea, simple, communicating a direct message."

Fern Berresford - Man Made
This two-minute short, based around gender + power tackles the treatment of women as property and the lack of self worth and identity women feel due to lack of education and the gender inequalities prevalent in many societies.

Joe Patrick - HIV: The Musical
The main aim of Patrick's film is to expose the ridiculous attitudes towards HIV and Aids. A series of video blogs posted by a young playwright, James McKenzie, whose artistic integrity is being challenged by the ignorance of a film company determined to hijack his script.

Tim Travers Hawkins - Untitled animation
A verbose and politically correct bureaucrat gives a lecture to a group of teenagers on the merits of the UK"s efficient and humane asylum system, whilst meanwhile, in the same building, detainees, imprisoned indefinitely in different !Removal Centres" across the UK, leave messages in vain on an abandoned telephone answering machine in the ministry basement. Their messages detail the horror of the life that they have escaped due to conflict.

Alexandra Monro + Sheila Menon – No Way Through
This short film will highlight mobility restrictions imposed by governments (especially countries in war zones) that limit access to health care, thus violating their right to the fundamental human right of medical care.

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