Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Doing Alot

I got a new haircut. Thomas Aastad told me it's a mix of Dannii Minogue, Katie Price and Anna Wintour - an enviable combination. But to the point.

I never seem to have time to blog... Not that I'm looking for sympathy. I just don't have the stamina to do allnighters anymore. Gone are the days when I could pen through the night and still go to work and do a good job the next day.

So, what's been going on?

Thelondonpaper folded. That was sad. And I hope all the staff there have moved into jobs other than those available at Pars R Us aka Tesco's. They still sell non-fairtrade bananas, which is swag. We said goodbye to three years of Murdoch's money with drinks at Shoreditch House and a mean curry. Thanks again to Lottie, Alexa, Dominic, Andy, Eva, Stuart, Malcolm, Bridget, Neil, David and everyone else who played a role in my time there.

On the same day I saw this news on Sky (yes, that's how alot of us found out about the paper's demise), I did my first piece for The Guardian's Comment Is Free section, on form 696. If you're raising an eyebrow thinking 'what the feck is that', click HERE to read it. The way they cut my head out of my pictures makes me look like a potatoe, but I've got nothing against vegetables so cool.

I've also been preoccupied with the relaunch of Ctrl.Alt.Shift, which I edit.

If you still haven't clocked, Ctrl.Alt.Shift is a movement for a new generation fighting social and global injustice. We use popular culture in a bit to do this.

Ctrl.Alt.Shift year one was crazier than Boris Johnson's hair.

Following our launch in June 2008, we embarked on our mission. As well as exposing madness and bringing the world to rights on the website and magazine we took action against countries restricting the travel of people living with HIV and highlighted the 50 million women missing in India. Given our love for all things art, music and culture, we teamed up with Vice, BALTIC, Sadlers Wells, and launched a film project which resulted in the five shorts which are now touring festivals.

Ambassadors and talent who got down with the Ctrl.Alt.Shift cause included Julian Barratt, Martin Freeman, Chipmunk, Young Knives, Metronomy, Nan Goldin, Alexa Chung, David Shrigley, Matthew Stone, T Magic, The Streets, Mystery Jets, Boy Better Know and MPHO.

I've already blogged about the shorts films you can now watch, but in addition, there's loads of new content for the readers amongst you. Joining the Ctrl blog roll are Holly Ferguson, author Ben White, Don't Panic editor Heydon Prowse, Yumna Martin (who previously wrote for 17 - South Africa!) and Riz Ahmed (well he's a contributing editor but you get the idea). You'll still be able to read Alfred James' weekly reports from Thailand's seedy clubs and beyond, Jody McIntyre's Life On Wheels, live from the heart of Palestine, Russell Myrie and Richard Lemmers comment pieces on whatever's burning our news agenda and Bibi van der Zee's environmental column. To find out about the man dem we've even made a special section for it HERE.

I'm going hard with issue 4 of the magazine 2, which soon cometh. There's more pages, a new format and a lot more food for thought, so watch this space.

One highlight of the last few months has been getting invited up to Nihal's Radio 1 Review Show. You can listen to it for another five days. I recommend it simply because Reggie Yates and Felix from Basement Jaxx, who I joined on the panel, were busting some serious jokes. Felix wins the comedy award though. Lauch the iplayer HERE.

Today Collins and I took over Diesel U Music Radio for two hours, joined by the delectable Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly and Bluey Robinson. Both of our guests showed X Factor how's it done. For the first time in Diesel history we also got the two artists to collaborate and boy did it sound good. Audio soon come, I promise. The show also boasted new tracks from Addictive, Chipmunk, Giggs, Wiley (Take That bitches), and loads of others I've forgotten. Par.

If you're still actually reading, I got promoted to contributing editor at RWD too. Thanks guys. Oh and I think you owe me a cheque from time ago. Don't watch though, congrats Chewy + Anna on the news (dunno if this is for public consumption n that).

Other than that, I absolutely love Florence. Till the day I die.

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Holly Howe said...

A very successful year so far, which you totally deserve for the ridiculous amount of hard work you put in on a day to day basis.
But Florence is still WACK. Will have to get you some Kate Bush for Christmas then, yawn...