Friday, 8 January 2010

New Ctrl.Alt.Shift Magazine Out Now!

So this is without a doubt the biggest - and most exciting - magazine project I've worked on. As an editor, to be given a blank canvas to work from is a rare opportunity and I'm hap-hap-happy with the result. And I believe this is something of a first for the charity sector - a consumer facing title that can sit happily on the shelves along some of the magazine greats. Having upgraded Ctrl.Alt.Shift Magazine, there's now over 80 pages of recycled loveliness for you to digest. The pages are bigger too which means there's more to read. Duh.

We went from this:

To this:


Ctrl.Alt.Shift: The Corruption Issue focuses on corruption as both a key cause of poverty and the barrier to overcoming it, and represents an ongoing attempt by the organisation to bring a marginalised social and political agenda back into mainstream rhetoric.

"We hope the magazine will reach out to people who wouldn’t traditionally be interested in politics or current affairs, and encourage those people out of their comfort zones and into action”. (Katrin Owusu, Head of Youth Marketing and Innovations at Ctrl.Alt.Shift.)

Highlights of the issue include:

•The A-Z: 22 pages of bite-sized chunks, global trends, topics and tit-bits shaking up our world.

•Sarah Maple: The artist described by The Independent on Sunday as ‘the heir to Tracy Emin’s throne’ unveils a bespoke piece of work influenced by corruption and sex.

• Culture club – Richard Shoyemi looks at how Asda’s new Asian range will inspire a generation of fashionistas to swap minge creepers in favour of saris.

• Interview with Tim Westwood – the Radio 1 DJ talks marrying music, activism, and why he wouldn’t take Pimp My Ride to Palestine.

• Ben White: Author of Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner’s Guide, freelance journalist and Middle East expert breaks down the language of corruption.

• Riz Ahmed: fresh from appearing alongside Judi Dench in the movie Rage, the actor and MC finds time to give his take on the effects of corruption.

• Face the Music – Ctrl.Alt.Shift unearths the sounds which are making it big in Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria and beyond.

• Goody Two Shoes: Feature on how Brazilian show company Melissa and designer Vivienne Westwood have met in ethical style heaven.

• Murder he wrote – an investigative feature by Rahul Verma into honour killings in India.

**You also get a bonus picture of me next to the editors letter, I mean what more do you want?**

Printed on completely uncoated paper using vegetable ink, the magazine is completely biodegradable and has a cover price of £3.95. It is available from most WHSmith stores and will be available to buy from soon.

An extra special thanks to Katrin Owusu for giving me the chance to do this, Richard Lemmer for being a journalistic whizz kid, Dwain Lucktung for holding down the website, Emma Ellwood Russell for making sure this happened and getting us into shops and Mark Calderbank for an exceptional design job.

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