Friday, 22 January 2010

SB.TV F64 - Maveric

Shout out to SB who's currently editing the videos from the rave4Haiti last night. It was overly hype - roadblock from before the doors opened 9pm. I penned this earlier, more to follow...

So here we sit, committing a cardinal sin - eating McDonalds. But give us a break. We've just got in from the rave for Haiti at The Den and not even a double egg selection can save us. Having raved - or in my case worked the door - since 9pm, the fact this is getting written at 7.51am says it all.

While I write this, street team co-ordinator Sian is asleep on the sofa and Mervin has passed out on the chair next to me. It was without a doubt a massive success. According to security they've not seen a crowd like that since the last rave at The End, before it became The Den - before the doors had even opened at 9pm the queue was backing onto Oxford Street. Having reached capacity by 10.30pm we can all but apologise to those who didn't get in and thank those who waited up to three hours to get in and be a part of this event to rave money for Haiti.

We couldn't have done this without you lot and a massive, massive thanks to all the artists who represented for no fee and the volunteers who donned Ctrl.Alt.Shift t-shirts and shook their buckets like true money makers. There's too many of you to mention, but you know who you are.

A full report, images and video footage will follow. We also hope to announce the total raised by Friday along with the raffle winners. As well as the door money and additional funds raised inside, the promoters at China White have told us they'd like to donate their nights takings and The Den are also going to contribute. Then there's the bucket full of coins that need counting. Guess that's Thursday accounted for then.

But let's not forget what this was about - the people of Haiti. Keep giving and check back for details of the auction which will kick off on Monday. We've had some amazing prizes put forward so you'd be an absolute fool not to.

Thanks again.

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