Sunday, 7 March 2010

Chantelle Fiddy v Twitter


While clashing Bigz, everyone wanted to get involved and take a pop at Chantelle Fiddy’s mum. RWD reveal the ultimate mum jokes courtesy of Twitter…

Chantelle Fiddy Yo mama so stupid she got stabbed in a shoot out

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy your mama so fat she carries pictures of food in her purse

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy your mums got more rolls than a bakery

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy ur mumz so fat shes on both sides of da fam

Chantelle Fiddy @jj_dj "your mum's so stupid, she'd trip over a cordless phone!"

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy ur mumz soo fat , then when she jumped for joy....SHE GOT STUCK !

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj Your mum's so fat, when i swerved to avoid her in the street i ran out of petrol

iam_Ayo @ChantelleFiddy Your Mums got 3 teeth, 1 in her mouth & 2 in her pocket.

S_Kalibre @ChantelleFiddy don't get me started... Ya mum so old, jesus was in her school class photo.

ChantelleFiddy @Hojeans Your mum's so ugly even Rice Krispies won't talk to her

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy i heard ur mum went to her wedding wearing shin pads and a motor bike helmet

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj Your mum's so fat she got hit by a parked car

MoeshTing @ChantelleFiddy ur mums do dumb she locked herself in the toilet and pissed herself

iam_Ayo @ChantelleFiddy Your Mum's hair is so short, when she gets cane-rolls they look like stitches.

ChantelleFiddy @iam_Ayo Your mums hair is so thin, she uses rice to curl it

S_Kalibre @ChantelleFiddy ya mum plays football bare feet with a medicine ball.

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy ur mumz yard so dirty you have to wipe ur feet b4 u leave, the street sweeper goes sick on her if not

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj Your mum's like a hoover....She sucks, blows and gets laid in the closet

semothyjones @ChantelleFiddy @BigzFlygerian Jeremy Kyle sat on the step and told your mum to sort it out.

iam_Ayo @ChantelleFiddy @MOESH_BBK Your Mums is like a piece of wood hard to hammer, but easy to nail

ChantelleFiddy @iam_Ayo your mum is so fat that when i jumped on her stomach i hi-fived jesus

S_Kalibre @ChantelleFiddy ya mums ears look like rashons of uncooked bacon

Hojeans @ChantelleFiddy Your mum's so ugly even Steven Hawking managed to run away

iam_Ayo @ChantelleFiddy your mum's so short she models for trophies

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj Your mum's so fat she uses a mattress as a tampon

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy ur mums nose is so big she has to wear a neck support

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj Your mum's so dumb she takes a ruler to bed to see how long she sleeps

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy ur mums so hairy she baths with shampoo

ChantelleFiddy oi @maximumbbk @jj_dj your mum's so short she does backflips under the bed.

natts @ChantelleFiddy yo mama so fat she wore a Malcolm X jacket and a helicopter tried to land on her

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy your mum so fat when she stepped on the scales it said, to be continued

ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin your mum doesn't even remember giving birth to you she was so high on super tennants

S_Kalibre @ChantelleFiddy ya mum wears a pirate eye patch with an anchor tattooed on her arm.

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy your mum is so fat they use her for the marathon. Everyone jogs around her

ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin Your mum is so fat she can seat a family of six

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy ur mums soo nasty i called her to say hello and got an ear infection

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj Your mum is so fat she walked by the tv and i missed three episodes of Eastenders

askyahgurrrl @ChantelleFiddy your mums so poor she eats Corn Flakes with a fork to save the milk.

medina_e @chantellefiddy yo mama so fat that even god couldn't lift her spirt...

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy your mum so fat, she could be the eighth continent

S_Kalibre @ChantelleFiddy ya mums armpits are so hairy. When she flex her muscles it look like she got two gorillas in headlocks.

ChantelleFiddy @S_Kalibre your mum's so dumb she stole a free sample

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy your mum deep fried her toothpaste


ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj your mum's had more pricks than a dartboard

S_Kalibre @ChantelleFiddy ya mums so dumb it took her an hour to cook boil in the bag minute rice.

MervinMartin @jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy your mums so fat she's once, twice, three times a lady

jj_dj@ChantelleFiddy your mum has seen more dicks then a urinal in a gay bar

S_Kalibre @ChantelleFiddy ya mums so fat when she goes to the restaurant she don't ask for a menu. She asks for an estimate.

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy ur mum goes to work wearing a string vest, a size 8 new era cap and wellies still

StaceyTatiyanah Your mum is so stupid, she puts lipstick on her forehead to make-up her mind! Eat that hahaha @ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj when I throw stones at ur mum ripples appear

iam_Ayo @ChantelleFiddy your mum so fat I took a picture of her last christmas and its still printing

ChantelleFiddy @iam_Ayo your dad picked your mum up from the pound

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy i heard ur mum was the founder of scare dem

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy @BigzFlygerian @jj_dj Your mum was in total recall, with three tits

DJSHOK @ChantelleFiddy ur mums so dumb, she bought a carton of orange juice & stared at it for hours, because it said "Concentrate"

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj your mum so dumb she thought Maxwell D was a battery

DJSHOK @ChantelleFiddy I swear I saw your mum clashing Flirta D in Netto's carpark in Brixton ...

ChantelleFiddy @DJSHOK I saw your mum wheeling up a tune for Double O

ChantelleFiddy @DJSHOK your mum's so ghetto she washes paper plates

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj @mervinmartin last time i saw your mum naked she had an erection

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj Your mama got so much hair on her chest that her Breasts remind me of Coconuts

ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin your mum's so dumb she thought Sherlock Holmes was an estate

jj_dj @MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy ur mum so dumb she dressed up in her church garmz for lord of the mics

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj your mum collects maintenance money from Slimzee

ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin @jj_dj when your mum has sex the RSPCA turn up

ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin Your mum's so fat the last time she saw 90210 was on the scales

MervinMartin @jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy your mum so dumb she thought prostate was a place

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj your mum's like a mosquito - you have to slap her to stop her sucking

ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin @jj_dj your mum's so fat she shoved a battery up her ass and yelled "I got the Power!".

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy na ur mumz serious tho , she just bb'd me a pic of her new tattoo she got I LOVE GRIME on her neck

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj your mum's in the Roll Deep When i'm Ere video... you should recognise her - she's so fat her nipple's have orbits

MervinMartin @jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy your mum so dumb she went to the shop and order a ragga muffin thinking its food

ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin Your mum's like a jammed door - after a couple of bangs she tends to loosen up.

MervinMartin @jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy your mum is a trending topic in the ends

ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin your mum's so fat, that when you were born, they had to send out a search party to find you

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj your mum's Jammer's body double

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin ur mumz got a shape up and na nike tick on the back of her head

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj I didn’t want to go there but… your mum's like a shotgun - five cocks and shes loaded

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj people keeping asking your mum for autographs thinking she's @rolldeepmanga

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj your mum's so dumb she still can't remember which hole westwood put it in...who's your daddy?

iam_Ayo @ChantelleFiddy @BigzFlygerian the last time I saw a face like your mums I fed it a banana.

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy you mum had a c section and ended up looking like seal

ChantelleFiddy @Brazen_Rolldeep your mum's so poor, she went on who wants to be a millionaire just to phone a friend

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj your mum's so dumb she rang Wiley and asked him to put you in B List

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