Thursday, 8 April 2010

Whatever Whatever Whatever

I'm going to back track the last few months of my life as I seem to never have time to blog, what with my finger desperately seeking the reply all button on Twitter, deadlines and general to-do's (like wash hair, urinate, clean etc...). Being an independent woman has never felt so good.

Yesterday I took SB.TV to the Reebok Lounge (thanks Laura, Holly, Sinead and Dee) so he could make himself feel all nice ahead of his Dazed&Confused shoot. The boy's amazing, got himself a job at Tiger Aspects... actually hold up. You can read about it in the June issue of Dazed. I've also done pieces on Devlin and Lady Chann so dun knowwwww. If you haven't yet got the current issue, don't forget if you buy it in a travel outlet of WHSmiths you'll get Ctrl.Alt.Shift issue 4 freeeeeee. And you get to read my Giggs feature in the re-designed Dazed (love it p.s). Anyway, in the words of SB I also got some next crud to wear to Pro Green's party tonight.

Purple is the theme - the glow in the dark white high-tops will have to wait for a safer venue than The Macbeth.

In other news I left Ctrl.Alt.Shift last week An uphill battle from day one with the forces that be, we done good. Over 20,000 subscribers, raising over £15,000 for Haiti, a magazine bagged with Dazed and on-sale in Smiths... a first for a charity publication I believe. But with CAS moving in line with it's funders, Christian Aid, ain't really the one... I'm not even going to be able to get into what happened with Jody McIntyre/ Palestine/ removal of blogs/ censorship etc... But you probs get the jist. However, on a positive note, Dwain's got a job, so big up the Luckers. If all else fails he can be Silvar's body double.

And Jody, having completed his UK uni tour is off to America with Lowkey to spread some truth.

We had a great Bid For Freedom party on 31st March, so good we forgot to take many pictures but thanks to everyone who came and made it the dance-off it became. Ed Sheeran and Manga clashed - one of the nights many surprises including the moment Ed and I dropped on the floor. It felt quite good actually.

In other 2010 news, I sat on a panel for Mother's Olympics 2012 debate, repped at the Industry Takeover (and made up with Grime Daily who threw their toys outta the pram on Twitter a while back cause I called them Gas Daily and the rest) and on the 1Xtra Homegrown show, done another United Underground event with Riz Ahmed, British Underground and Southbank, have written biogs for Bless Beats and Ed Sheeran, contributed to Steve's project10 newspaper, done a bit of work with VBS for a docu-thingy they're doing with Tinchy (the track he was laying down in studio sounded sick, some heavy rock ish) and loads of secret stuff I can't talk about. No CIA.

I'm taking some time off to recharge my batteries - 12 days on a beach with the gyal like Sian Anderson - when the new work programme kicks in in May there's gonna be no time for lipsing, that's for sure.

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