Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Life On Wheels - The Movie

There are two ways to approach this video.

Firstly, Jody McIntyre, 19, is my hero. Not because he's my friend who happens to be in wheelchair and is setting about showing the world that this doesn't stop you being more than able to live a full life but because he's doing something most of us will never do. Jody is standing up for what he believes in by putting himself on the front line in a country he has no ties to other than that he believes what's going on there is wrong. He's being shot at, beaten, lived homeless with the family he was evicted alongside and the rest. Reading his weekly Life On Wheels blogs became a fix. Following a recent university tour in the UK and America we're now getting a taster of life in Palestine where freeing Gaza is an everyday battle. Jody, as ever, I salute you.

This is also a must-watch for anyone listening to the political rhymes of Lowkey who may be scratching their head as to where his passion lies and exactly what he's going on about.

To read Jody's blogs click HERE.

For more from Lowkey try HERE.

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