Tuesday, 19 October 2004

Wileys way

Another delve into the archive...

Do you see yourself as a leader of this new scene?
W: No, I see myself as someone who will help it move forward as well as anyone else involved who will help it move forward. I want everyone to come through, get in their positions and play their positions. It will make it stronger.

Would you like it to be called Eski?
W: Of course, but if it doesn’t get called that I won’t worry, cause I can listen to it and know they’ve heard me before or something from this genre of music.

How about hip hop?
W: That’s what people say, but hip hop people weren’t saying that at first. I wasn’t sure what they were thinking, but obviously they understand it cause they’re English and we’re English. You can say it is but the beats are very different.

A lot of people say you’re the cleverest MC?
W: With words Dizzee’s the best, and Kano, he’s near him.

Of course some people say you bought Dizzee through, but you don’t see it like that do you?
W: No, I mustn’t see it like there or I’ll go nowhere myself.

If you could get any message across what would it be?
W: I just want people to know that I would like to help everyone. In reality I can’t help everyone, so all the people who want my help, you can get my help but not always by knowing me. Knowing me is not really a good thing for you… I need to avoid people thinking I’m a bastard. I don’t know everything, but I’m growing and trying to learn.

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