Sunday, 5 December 2004

HMP Calling

Just got a phone call from HMP Brixton where Riko is counting down the days until his trial. The big man's keeping his head up and has found some solice in the drama classes he's been occupying his time with. They recently did a play, Shakespeare and Sinatra, which was a big success. I couldn't get tickets unfortunately as it was sold out but reports were good. A bit of online investigating would suggest that prison governor, Mr Podmore, has turned Brixton around with his arts policy and family facilities. Let's hope so as until recently this was one of the UK's worst prisons. Anyway, more on all of this soon. For now I'll leave you with a Riko tip for aspiring aggi mic masters: "If you’re coming through now you have to stand out, sound like you can really murk someone and want to murk someone. Be about something different." Word.

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