Tuesday, 14 December 2004

Tofuhut Action

Apologies for lack of updates but it's been kinda manic in the run up to Christmas. One man has been particularly willing to divert my attention - John over at Tofuhut. My lack of knowledge over all things slightly techy, such as MP3 hosting which is the subject we're getting to, prompted John to offer his services. It's like a Delboy and Rodney situation, I supply him the serious MP3 grime armshouse, reviews and some, thus edutaining the American and overseas cousins, and in turn my hit counter raises through the roof and make it look like people do actually read my blog. Shit the bed. I know. Genius or what. So without further ado, I advise a trip to www.tofuhut.blogspot where you can find tracks (hosted for a short time only and with permission), plenty to read and the opportunity to further open your mind to new music. Get me?


joe cupcake said...

good work on joining the tofu hut... cos it's great to read about music but it all makes a lot more sense when you can hear it too.. and here in Oz we're just getting on the bandwagon grimewise.. so thanks for the education.

Nik said...

I'm glad John Tofu got you involved with his blog; that's how I found out about 'World of Fiddy'. Forget the Americans, I live in the East Anglia sticks - which is probably even more culturally removed. I appreciate the well written/presented grime thoughts - it beats following insane message board threads and gettin' poor mp3s off limewire.

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