Sunday, 24 April 2005

Burnt Out

From CMU Daily... With the growing download sector busy propping up Apple Computers and the hopes of the whole music industry, it was probably unfair to expect it to sustain a magazine too. Yep, word has it that Rip & Burn, the music magazine
launched last year and specifically targeted at the digital music scene, is no more, although an online version may launch in the near future. The fact that the magazine has failed to build a big enough readership soon enough may be a sign that, despite the hype, the digital music space is still relatively small. Or it could be a sign that music, at the end of the day, is just music, and building a magazine around a mere delivery mechanism isn't enough of a USP in the crowded music media space. But whatever, it's always sad when another music title leaves the newsstand...

Have to add it seems ironic that it's has folded on the same week downloads are incorporated into the UK singles chart. Looking at the midweeks it was a surprise, why I don't quite know, to see so many bands and acts I'd never heard of. Surely a good sign though in weeding out more shit pop music. So brappage to that and a tear from my right eye for all over at Rip & Burn. It was great while it lasted (and they paid nicely).

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