Sunday, 24 April 2005

RWD Lovers

RWD Lovers, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Here's RWD Mags reviews of their own RWD ACCESS ALL ARTISTS stage held on 16th April @ the UMF.
"It was the first time RWD hit the UMF and all was a success, we had performances all day and many enjoyed the live magazine experience. Here's the low down: It all kicked off around 1pm and the first punters were afraid to go onto the fresh carpet with most were taken aback by the area itself. As people approached RWD's Access All Artists many a 'rah' and 'wow' were heard by RWD staff and it was then when we new it would go down well. The first set was from the Twice as Nice crew consisting of DJ's Scottie B and Ironic, with Kool J finding himself as the host for the day. They went on to be great hosts, mic controllers and we thank them for their excellent performance. The day continued with dance and MC competitions intertwining between the PA's and showcases. With Lady Fury and Nutz and Bolts- who got the crowd hyped, Dogzilla - smooth PA with a great crowd reaction, Matthew Knowles, (Beyonce's dad and head of Sanctury Urban), Delinquent feat. Shah who performed 'Ghetto Queen', Roll Deep who lively performed album material and even Wiley turned up, Donea'o - great vocals and a great reaction, Akala who dropped both versions of 'Roll with us', Aftershock showcase with Bruza (the cocky cockney), No Lay and Unorthodox who were the crowd favourite, SLK with Flirts and co smashing it as usual, Newham Generals big bars from all three, Ruff Sqwad another crowd favourite, Essentials who murked still even with people running to see Kano on the main stage, Firecamp (feat. 2Face, 2Lippy but No Lethal) with Fresh, Ryda and co. helping the showcase, Mastabeatz showcase with Skepta, JME and Dan and finally, Jammer and Ears turned the heat up at the end to sum up a great day."

As I wasn't there I couldn't possibly comment.

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