Thursday, 9 June 2005

Harvey And The Law

Back to the pop courts - 'having fights with police men' division - So Solid Crew member Harvey has been banned from driving for nine months, fined £815, and ordered to do 150 hours of community service for assaulting a Hertfordshire police officer who tried to stop him from using his mobile phone whilst driving. During the incident, which happened in Welwyn Garden City on 17 Jan, the Police Constable in question, Keith Harron was forced to use CS gas in order to restrain the So Solid man. District Judge Alistair Perkins said: "You are clearly a very talented person with a bright future ahead of you." But added that " the police officer is a public servant, he is entitled to look to the courts for protection and I intend to make sure that officer will get that protection." On leaving the court, and making reference to his past involvement in projects encouraging young people to be more law abiding, Harvey said: "I will get on with my community punishment and get back to reality. I have learned my lesson and it is a bad example to kids. You live and learn, everyone makes mistakes in life, I won't be the first celebrity to get into trouble. You can't make one rule for one and one for everyone else." From CMU Daily.

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