Friday, 10 June 2005

Quick Ting

Excuse the slackness that's set to follow but this is a one minute man post. Massive shout out to Ratty and Capo, especially the latter who kindly dropped me Lord Of The Decks 3 at midnight... we're talking hot off the mofo press. Of course I couldn't wait to view it so it was supplies at the ready. Getting to the point... they're setting the pace with this one. From the editing to the filming itself, the interview... just everything is on a new level. I'll even forgive them for taking so bloody long with it. So basic run down is this; CD hosted by D Double E, bare exclusives, 29 tracks featuring well everyone you'd expect from Skepta to Jammer, Akala to Wiley you know how they does! This time around there's 2 DVD's, featuring really on point interviews with Dizzee, Mike Skinnner, Unorthodox, Klashnekoff... we're talking 29 chapters on DVD 1 alone. There's also live footage from i-D Live @ Cargo, other live footage, videos... DVD 2 is more of the same including Mr Wong, Sov, Titch, Goodz, Plasticman etc...rounded off with a Hotheadz outing to Germany for a rave (Capo, Ratty, Lethal, Kano, Dee, Target, Jammer) - and this is as close to having a weekend away with the lads as you're likely to get. I gotta run so basically buy it. More on this another time.

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boomnoise said...

really hoping mine turns up from ukrs tomorrow - can't wait to get stuck in - really hope it's as big as it sounds.