Tuesday, 21 June 2005

Old But Worthy

Shots are fired at Bill stars. By Alexa Baracaia Media Correspondent, Evening Standard, 27 May 2005
Stars of The Bill were forced to dive for cover when shots were fired at them while they were filming. Real-life police were called in to protect their TV counterparts after the incident on a council estate in south London. A member of the crew was hit in the hand by an airgun pellet, but his glove saved him from injury. It is believed that two youths may have fired from nearby flats before fleeing the area. A show insider told The Sun: "There was a loud crack that sent everyone diving for cover. It definitely sounded like a real bullet." Scotland Yard confirmed they had attended a shooting in Hermes Way, Wallington, on Thursday afternoon last week. Police remained on the set of the ITV1 show for the rest of the day's filming.

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