Tuesday, 21 June 2005

Targets Mixtape Rules

Targets Mixtape Rules, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Don’t make it too short, do at least 60 minutes worth.
Keep it fresh, you don’t want stuff that’s on other peoples mixtapes or are out already.
A good title helps but people aren’t going to just buy it for the name. The music will build up the name more than anything else.
Musically, do what you want. If you’re only into one type of music do that, but if like me you’re not there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be eclectic.
The order tracks go in is important. You have to make sure it’s an interesting journey.
If you are pushing yourself as a DJ then mix it but if you’re not then just make sure the transition is smooth.
Good artwork helps but the box is just as important.
Don’t make it too expensive, it’s for the streets, no Harrods prices.

Grab the Aim High Series for example!

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