Sunday, 31 July 2005

Grime Time

grimetime 2 front, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Sorry didn't get this one up sooner, life's manic. I don't whether Wiley turned up or what popped but apparently Berlin were expecting a heatwave on Friday so who know's if this shit was too hot to handle? Christian also directed me to 'shitty socialist-style towerblock' over at He tells me the kids who posted this picture live there and are full-on grime-nutcases. People have been going mad for their podcast, live-sets of the parties over at

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himself said...

IT was a Heatwave indeed, JME and Tinchy with a little help of Cameo made this eve to a unforgettable night ! a wild night
JME will do a feat. on the upcoming solo lp of SOOM-T !!!
also recorded a tune with BraZilianFunkCarioca Crew TETINE called MINDSHARP !!! watch out for audio promo soon on