Friday, 12 August 2005

Rinsed Out

My head is heavy from a night of skanking in an old public toilet turned underground club. Thanks to Rinse FM management for sorting that one out. Missed N-Type (nice to meet you) but caught the end of Matt Qualifide's set. Target dropped some new bombs from DaVinChe and Danny Weed among others. Especially loving J Sweet's work on Scratchy's 'B.U.N' (don't quote me on that being the actual title though). Hatcha wasn't short of dubs, nice new Hotflush one amongst them and good to hear Faction and Skepta on some different riddims alongside Crazy D, Forward resident. Gotta give a big shout to Geeneus. Always been one of my favourite DJ's, wish he'd play more, did a tearing set with Skepta, Faction and Riko (Legacy I think I heard you on the mic too, gwan). Myself and the raving crew Martin, Shottie, Bianca, Danny, and the rest (radio clit had some moves trust me) got our walk on and even pulled out the bashment moves. Try beat the moshing if you think you're hype. I can't even remember what got us so excited but there was a few well called for reloads. Bit of wall smacking and lighter action too. Essentials were finishing off proceedings, Wiley and many of the other Rinse FM family tree lurking in the corners. Murking as always, the crowd were left in safe hands while we inflicted ourselves on a cabbie. Poor guy.

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