Thursday, 11 August 2005

Trying To Censor Fiddy?

As Riko so rightfully said 'I won't go way into detail...' but it's come to my attention that an earlier post made regarding 1Xtra was poorly executed. I'll say this. I agree that I should have a. not written it when I was doing a Boundary and fumin b. worded it better. It was wrong to point the finger at the entire station (this situation had nothing to do with the DJ's) for that apologies, especially given that I feel it was an individual who was potentially out of line. He can argue it out with me if he wants. If you've taken the piss you know it so let's not blow this out of prospective. So from here on in call me wronged, call me a bitch, go on then, go on then, go on then, because as much as I hate politics and enemies, I'm not down with censorship or silencing (unless it's of lambs).


Hotflush said...

To censor Fiddy would be a crime.

Queen_Passion said...

Gwan Fiddy

Backing you all the way luv!

Coolout said...

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Power Blogger said...

Oi.. Coolout.
You Best Shut The Fuk Up Man.
chattin So much Pants.