Monday, 26 September 2005

And So He Was Gone

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Oh dear Randy 'Andy' Morris how we missed you. GQ asset, Mr Morris has got a new fan club forming I tell ya. An absolute pleasure to spend my birthday and the following days with. Shame he forgot his shorts still. Not checked any of his work, potentially could be shit but given he also pens for Dazed and MOJO... yep it's bound to me toilet roll. Kidding. Honest. Miami was blazing on all fronts - company, heat, storms, the octopus (you've got to try everything once), jacuzzi, cocktails, cross-dressing, surfers. And all in the name of work. It's at times like this I question my desire to represent UK music but It's all about striking a balance I guess. I'm priviledged to earn from my 1st love so what's there to complain about really? Oh yes the MOBO's. Everyone likes to complain about these. Last years were pretty weak and if I'd actually paid for my own ticket I would have done myself some damage in the toilet that night (note to mother and father, I'm not talking Cocaine Kate here, think rope). Due to hurricane delaying my return I caught it on BBC1 (no excuse, I don't need to beg ticket). Kano and The Marley performances were standout for me. Great to see Kano, Lethal and Sway nab awards but come on Roll Deep, what happened? A number of the members are foundations of the scene that's spawned talent like Kano and Lethal (both of whom have acknowledged this previously). Robbbbbbbed. Jacked. As I've mentioned elsewhere, Roll Deep genuinely seem to be shrugging their shoulders over the matter and still blessed Westwood on the Saturday night. Did predict this outcome mind you, not that I want a medal, after all they help your sales but doesn't mean it's the truth.

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