Monday, 26 September 2005

Last Word: Mr Wong

Last record you bought?
Kano 'Home Sweet Home', 'Mic Check' is my favourite. It's a very creative album, he's repping the scene.
Last book you read?
I only read magazines. I last read RWD.
Last pair of trainers bought?
Hahaha! I bought a pair of Nike Air Force with a strap and an air bubble. Do you know how long I've been waiting? My friend had them in primary school and I didn't have money so I had Hi-Tec. Twelve years later I have my own pair! I wanna get Reebok Pumps next.
Last DVD saw?
That Jet Li film unleashed, it was good still.
Last piece of hi-tech purchased?
I know I've bought something recently, I'm Chinese it's in my blood. Oh yes, a mini-fridge for my bedroom from Macro, £70.
Last time you were rejected?
Channel U rejected my new video for 'Who's That Boy'. They said the video didn't fit the song. I was stressed man.
Last time you cried?
About a year ago when I lost Pro Evolution 4 to someone.
Last thing you bought?
Drinks from Tesco. I buy bare drinks.
Last time you got laid?
Hahaha! Five minutes prior to this conversation hahaha! I'm not even gonna lie to you, I'm sat here in just my towel.
Last time you lost your temper?
Um, the last time Mr Wong lost his temper was when someone gave him swag directions
Last time you went to hospital?
Last year sometime, I had food poisoning. I was eating too many fast food promotional offers. I was so dehydrated but it doesn't stop me using my coupons now.
Last good joke you heard?
I don't hear jokes, people just make me laugh.
Last time you were sick?
I never get sick so not for a long time. I'm healthy, I jog everyday like the Chinese Mr Motivator without the glasses.
Last time you had an argument with someone?
Last week when I was playing Pro Evolution 4, I beat someone and he started complaining. I'm a tough player, very tactical.
Last time you saw Mama Wong?
Two hours ago, she was cool.
Last time you were in the studio?
Yesterday and I was making tracks for my album.
Last famous person saw or met?
Sean Wright-Phillips (Chelsea). I saw him in a record shop buying records, he knows all about the scene. He came up to me and I shook his hand, I had to look twice I didn't realise it was him.
Last time you got your heart broken?
In secondary school with a girl I played kiss chase with, joke. It was actually college, no actually I've never had it broken. What am I talking about?
Last time you got told off?
When I was falling asleep at a music lesson in Hammersmith college. That was ages ago though, I don't get told off now.
Last time you got air on the roads?
It would have to be when I had my Vauxhall Nova and I tried to conversate with someone, she just walked off and kept walking.
Last time you felt like a wasteman?
I've never ever felt like one.
Last time you visited China?
When I was about 10 and I was a very naughty boy lighting fireworks in peoples houses. They're legal over there though.
Last time you were broke?
Now. Rags.
Last time you got a cheque?
A couple of months ago and it bounced. Now that is air.

Words: Me. A version of this article appeared in RWD.

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