Monday, 26 September 2005


New RWD, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Featuring Roll Deep in NY, Sean Paul getting his pollatricks on, Rihanna guide to Barbados, L Man, Audio Bullys, Ms Dynamite, Crazy Titch interviewing Sugababes, Juelz Santana, Shy FX, Miri Ben-Ari, Jay-Z, TQ, Kray Twinz gadgets, Dynamo, reviews, columns and much more. Probably without a doubt the best issue of RWD we've seen, big up Collins, Walker and all crew on the takeover.

One thing I gotta disect though is the review of Essentials 'No' which received a one out of five. While reviews are opinion let me break it down...
Reviewer: "To claim that Fire Camp stole the hook of No is ridiculous"
Fiddy: "No it's not. Yes I have had heated debate with Lethal on this and he'll say it's coincidence but It's Essentials trademark hook and has been for some time."
Reviewer: "To then bring out a come-back track with an unoriginal set of beats over an otherwise great DaVinChe track has done the group no justice."
Fiddy: "You're getting it twisted the beat is the track so is the beat unoriginal or great? Am I reading this wrong? Aare beats now lyrics?"
Reviewer: "To be topped by the real come back track from Lethal, which is still a million times better than the Essentials attempt, is poor."
Fiddy: "Are you stupid? Can anyone say seriously that Lethal's 'NO' was his comeback track? It was 'Pow'. As a solo track, while it kept Lethal's name hot on Channel U, in the mainstream it didn't create a storm more like a gust of bad wind. Rumours of catting don't help you one bit, be it true or not. As for it being a million times better, I agree Essentials have released better songs but this is hype and I'd give a 4 or 3 star rating (depending on the publication)."
Reviewer: "Air. On. The. Roads."
Fiddy: "Blud, that's you."


DOT:ALT Magazine said...

Fiddy wins!
You're right though seriously. No is Essentials' hook - fact. Whether Lethal bit them or it was a coincidence doens't matter that much. That beat (isn't it Bossman not Davinche anyway?) is, in my opinion at least, one of the most exhilirating things the scene has produced yet, and definetly the best Bongo incarnation. And fuck it man, they ride it well, its pure energy.
Makes Lethal's No look like the desperate Pow followup that it blatantly was


Chantelle Fiddy said...

well spotted on the Bossman front... think DaVinChe may have done a previous version. You can't move to Essentials No!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

MsDYNAMITE she's the best