Sunday, 27 November 2005

Late Night Reading

We've had our fallouts me and Lethal, but thats a whole different story... It's Bizzle's time to set the record straight now.

CF: You got celebrity friends now big man?
LB: I got a few, Rio Ferdinand, Jodie Morris, Sway, Klashnekoff, Kella’s cool. I know the Sugababes from back in the day. I’d like to meet McFly after they slagged off Pow! On Popworld. They said something like ‘these guys look like they need to go to the toilet, they’re all screaming.’ If I saw them after that I don’t know what I would have done, now I don’t care. But cause of our situation and the scenes situation, we’re trying to move into that world so when meaningful acts say shit like that. It makes it harder for us. Rio was telling me about Xposure. One time he took Paul Ince, Robbie Fowler, Ian Wright and Lampard to Xposure. Hahahahaha! He said they got in there and people couldn’t believe it, this was when they were in their prime, megastars. Fowler wanted out I think. Original garage boys now. Trust me they all watch Channel U and know the tunes. They’ll ask me for updates on clashes ‘what’s going on with you and Wiley.’ They take me raving in Liverpool and Manchester, Roonie was at that one, Champagne glass in hand. It was cool, they dropped Pow! That association could really help us.

CF: Would you clash McFly?
LB: Someone did tell me to do it but wouldn’t give them the time of day. Who would I give it to Jez Wellam?

CF: Your albums had a re-release right? Why?
LB: Yeah and to be honest with you I’m not too happy with my label. I’m just doing my thing but if I was relying on them I don’t know where I’d be. Right now I’ve got the Twista single out there, my single Fire, the x-rated video and Forward 2, that’s me. I’m grafting. There’s been no posters for my album nothing, I’ve sold about 10,000 I could have done that myself. It’s a rock label, when people from urban don’t do well they put you in the same category; Kano, Estelle, Lady Sovereign. But we’re all very different. They just look at it like they’re spending loads of money but they’re not getting the results they should be getting. I’m going to be concentrating on a lot of my own projects. It’s hard cause a lot of people like the music but there’s no outlet for it. What pisses me off the most is getting it on national radio. I paid for my own posters to be done for the album, and the advert on Channel U. They were taking too long and V2 have to make money, they tell me they’ve nearly recouped on me so that shows you how much money must have been put in. It’s a good look for me cause I’m in control of my situation and I’m learning a lot from it. All of this is going to give me the ammunition to do it myself because end of the day all that happens in this game is you get signed and you get dropped. They’ve offered me another album but I’m not sure at the moment whether to try and do it to myself. I signed to take me to another level but I feel I’m in the same place. The Twista thing had nothing to do with that. All they’re doing is distribution and a bit of plugging. People need to know getting signed is not a bed of roses, I’m working harder than ever.

CF: Have you ever been kicked out of anywhere for wearing a hoodie?
LB: I haven’t you know but If I went somewhere to perform and they tried to make me take it off I’d go home. This hoodie shit’s mad. How can you ban an item of clothing? They’ve got patrollers these days who wear red uniforms, I think they’re looking for kids who aren’t going to school, not hoodies though. It’s nuts out there.

CF: How was America with the Krayz?
LB: The girls were loving the accent, they were getting emotional, breaking down. The girls are ridiculous too. Levels are high. The man dem were showing love too though. Ruff Ryderz came down, some of The Games people, a load of rappers. When they heard my verse they were shocked, they didn’t know the UK had spitters. They just think we drink tea, kind of narrrow minded cause they got so much going on. I was singing Prretty Ricky and they were like ‘you know this song’ and another person said ‘so you got black people in Europe?’… There’s black people everywhere, when I told them that they seemed shocked.

CF: Did you go to college?
LB: I did still, I was studing for a BTEC Diploma in plumbing and engineering. If your TV breaks down I can fix it. I didn’t finish cause Oi! blew up and I got signed so I thought, tracks at no. 7, I’m famous, I don’t need to go to college. Then there was air, I knew four months before it happened that we were going to get dropped. Funnily enough I saw the A&R who dropped us last week.

CF: Not alot of people know Maxwell's a landlord, so tell me, although I doubt I'll ever own property to rent is it hard work?
LB: Not now I’ve given it to an agency.

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LethalFizzle said...

does lethal answer questions in interviews like he raps? i would have thought all his answers would have been in caps. you should have asked him why he SHOUTS ALL THE TIME IN HIS SONGS NOWADAYS. me myself, i preferred him when i couldnt make out what the fuck he was saying in the more fire crew days.