Tuesday, 29 November 2005

The Legacy Out Now

davincheartwork, originally uploaded by chantelle.

DaVinChe, possibly the grime scenes only grade 5 piano player, is responsible for so many street anthems, from Kano’s ‘P’s & Q’s to the Dirty Canvas series, that it’s hard to know where to begin...

Touch: How would you describe your sound?
DaVinChe: I don’t know, cliched as it sounds, I always have a musical element and a strong chord sequence so you can write melodies. I’m Influenced by what I listen to - sweet boy music and and thug music, so I try and keep a balance.

Touch: Your back catalogue is massive, which of your tracks would you recommend we hunt down?
DaVinChe: Firstly check out the older stuff. ‘Roxy This Gyal’ was one of the first things I released and ‘Status’, that had a Neptunes influence. Back then Sticky was the biggest name on the scene, so as the music's changed so has my sound. Favourites of mine include the Shystie ‘Make It Easy Remix’, Essentials feat Katie Pearl ‘Just Dance’, and I think ‘Leave Me Alone’ would have gone the distance at a different time. Definitely check ‘Phaze’, ‘Number 13’ and ‘Sometimes’, I’ve used a sample in that, I wanted to show people I know how to do it cause I don’t normally use samples.

Touch: So the album, what’s the deal boy wonder?
DaVinChe: It’s a 17 track instrumental album which will be available on CD, my work past and present. I wanted to give people a chance to hear the music from MC’s and producers to general music listeners because not everyone owns decks. Cameo chose the track order so it flows right from a DJ’s perspective, we’re doing something different but I hope people will get we’re moving with the times.

Touch: Sell it to us, why should we buy it?
DaVinChe: It’s just good music, some of the best stuff I’ve done and at the end of the day we’re in the entertainment industry and I want to do just that. If you’re entertaining the people what are you doing here?

Words: Chantelle Fiddy. For more info and audio visit www.paperchaserecordings.com.

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EkOe said...

oiiiiiii DaVinche is murkin level 5 piano is mad abilitily still o n his instrumentals r tuff 2 n all u guys dat want 2 produce music playin paino at dem levels is onli gonna help