Thursday, 26 January 2006

Boy Better Know

Check the article in next weeks Voice newspaper but here's a little bit of info while you're waiting for Shuut Yur Mout or however it's spelt. Heard it and sounding big. Particularly liked AWOH, Shutup And Dance (over a tidy Plasticman beat) and Subbuteo. As to what it means, even Jamie doesn't know so random suggestions welcome.
CF: It's a mix album you're releasing right? Explain?
JME: It’s like a mixtape, but 99% of the tunes on there are actually produced by us and vocals by us, so it’s not like your average mixtape. It consists of real good songs that are album worthy, but I just want to spread the sound for now.
CF:What's on there, all new stuff?
JME: Everything on there is new, the only song you will be familiar with is Serious Remix. Everything else is fresh off the hard
hard drive.
CF: Fave tracks on the mix album?
JME: My favourite tune in the whole world right now is AWOH. It’s on there. Comical and bouncy, it’s a HIT.
CF: Any regrets in your career so far?
JME: Erm... for there to be regrets in my career, there would have to be regrets in my life. I live this.
CF: What's happening with the actual album?
JME: Boy Better Know I have too much music, so i’m saving the absolute best for my album. But its here, its timeless. Boy Better Know I will be releasing it properly after I have sold all my mixtapes, Boy Better Know there’s a series waiting to hit the streets. Boy Better Know.
CF: Roll Deep or Meridian - what's the future hold?
JME: Meridian is for life, there’s nothing you can do about it, Roll deep is a group of extremely talented individuals there’s nothing you can do about it. Everybody knows. Boy Better Know.

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west 10 kid said...

Brap Brap Brap. BOY BETTER KNOW JME is SERIOUS. big up JME 1 of ma fav mc's from day along side skepta and wiley. Mucky. Dese three all day, everyday. SERIOUS