Thursday, 26 January 2006

Dubstep Awards

No doubt sick of the RWD message boards obsession with grime and all things garage related, is the new home for those wishing to discuss their music of choice with an ounce more intelligence. The users have also taken it upon themselves to vote in the first dubstep awards and the results are as follows;
Best Producer: Skream, Vex'd, Digital Mytikz
Best Release: Vex'd - Degenerate, Skream - Midnight Request Line/I, Digital Mytikz - Neverland
Best Tune: Skream - Midnight Request Line, Mala - Neverland, Coki - Haunted
Best Newcomer: Boxcutter, D1, Burial
Best Label: DMZ, Hotflush, Hyperdub
Best DJ: Plasticman, Youngsta, Hatcha
Best Blog: Gutterbreakz, Blackdown, Dubstep
Best Mix: Skreammixaugo5, Paul Rose - Dubstepbreaks Feb 05, Hatcha - Practice Hours
Best Radio Show: Kode9 (Rinse), Distance (Rinse), N-Type (Rinse)
Best MC: Crazy D, Skepta, SGT Pokes, Task
Best Shop: Boomkat, Juno, Blackmarket
Best Party: DMZ, FWD, Subloaded
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1 comment:

Paul said...

Chantelle, wots good?

My names Adrian, from the postgrad broadcast journalism course at the London College of Communication.

I heard ur comments about yo yo's on capital radio last week, i've been there a few times, it really is out of this world music wise, sebs leading the way.

My friend was saying that they do a yo yo's new york, def a possibikity.

The reason why i'm emailing...

We've been set an assignment to make a social documentary with a deadline for February 18th.

I have chosen to make my documentary on dubstep and how its about to blow this year. Just look at the awards show coming up on thursday.

My question for my documentary is,

>how can dubstep cross over?
-Does dubstep want to go into the mainstream
-Is there a case of it needing to, for the artists to see any rewards money wise? Or
-is love from the crowd more important.

Finally, i really need a talking head to take me and my audience through dubstep, from toddla t to everyone else really, who's hot, who's really hot.
>Giving me a background of the music, its evolution etc.

I am making this for a radio 1 audience in mind and will pitch it to Rod Macenzie whom u no as the radio 1 editor. Because i've had a placement in the radio 1 newsroom and if i can make a good documentary, i'd definately put it forward as an early music documentary for 08.

Anyway, sorry i've messaged so long, cause i KNOW ur busy. My email is

It'd be quicker to contact me by mobile but don't dare put my mobile on the internet.

Best wishes,