Thursday, 26 January 2006

Looking Out In 06

If you haven't yet heard Bearmans debut, 'Drinkin Bear', get on the Mastermind Trooperz website now. If you thought grime was all about shotting crack and murking people's mums, you've got it twisted. Bearman, so named because, well, he looks like a Bear, drew on the novelty factor and took his boys down the pub to bring comedy back to the streets. Follow up 'Brown Bear Picnic', a remake of 'Teddybears Picnic' is the first installment in his nursery grhymes series. Plans for 2006 naturally include a mixtape and album.

2005 was a good year for Meridian Crew brothers Skepta & JME. Joining forces with Roll Deep, parring alongside Wiley they quickly rose to underground prominence. As we enter the 06, it's all about Meridian Crew's 2nd coming as well as solo projects from both. JME's mixalbum (as he calls it), 'Shh Hut Yuh Muh', his all good independents this month with album 'Public Service Announcement' to follow. Skepta's debut, 'More Than Grime' is also nearing completion and a video for 'Go On Then' hits Channel U soon. If you're looking for love on Valentines, be sure to nab a copy of 'Single' too.

As Nasty Jack will tell you himself, he only seems to have garnered love since 'In Da Place' hit screens and his Wiley diss 'Superstar' began circulating the web. But there's more to come. Once signed to Jive (2002), under the same management as Ms Dynamite, Nasty Jack has been making the transition from jungle to grime and is now a firm favourite in the new NASTY Crew line-up. Although the groups album is going to be first to drop, keep watching the white labels.

Some of the rest...
SKREAM: More synonimous with dubstep, Skream firmly made his mark in 2005 with one of the years best tracks, 'Midnight Request Line'. With many a heater lined up for release, the names going to be spreading like margarine.
SCORCHER: North Londoner Scorcher, a member of Cold Blooded Crew is another MC creeping from the sewers to the underground with some reload worthy bars working their way onto the pirate airwaves.
ROSSI B & LUCA: They've made their name on the DJ circuit but 2005 saw them push many-an-anthem through the ARMY label and as production duo, they've become a force to be reckoned with.
DJ MAXIMUM: A late edition into the Roll Deep Crew, Maximum continues to up his DJ game both in terms of selection and technique. It also helps that he's a bloody nice bloke. Book him now.
YOUNG.DOT: The Young.Dot EP, the Essentials protogee's first release, went straight to the top of most shop charts which is no mean feat. Now out to prove he's got more hits strapped under his shirt, keep your ears open.
MIKEY J: Responsible for much of Kano's Home Sweet Home album and now getting called in by the big labels to save tracks (ok, do remixes), he can sing too.
DEVILMAN: Brummie MC joins with Aftershock. Watch this space for full interview and low down.

Blackdown's top 10 new dubstep production talent to watch for in 2006...
1. Burial (Hyperdub)
2. L Wiz (Dub Police)
3. Pinch (Tectonic/Planet Mu)
4. Random Trio & Omen (Random Trio productions)
5. Caspa (Dub Police)
6. Appleblim (Skull Disco)
7. 23Hz + Numaestro (unsigned)
8. Moldy (unsigned)
9. N Type (Terrain)
10. spot unreserved ... bring on the fresh new talent!

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