Thursday, 26 January 2006

Clark Magazine

92-93, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Thanks to Fabrice for sending this over. Obviously you can't read it and even if this was hi-res, you'd need to be fluent in the French department. Clark have done a grime special (scarily titled 'Yardie Invasion', but maybe I'm missing something in the translation). There's features on Wiley, Paris' DJ Shone, Lethal Bizzle and others including myself. I'm flattered but definitely feels odd been on the other side so to speak. Have no idea what it says, I could be promoting an article that describes me as the big wastewoman this side of the Eiffel Tower but I don't care. The picture looks alright still.

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kreme said...

Hey, thanks for posting this, Chantelle.
Don't be afraid, I only kept the kind words...hopefully you'll get a copy soon...