Thursday, 26 January 2006

San Fran Style

BIG Crew are doing it way big
So the lowdown on movements in San Fransico. Grime City is looking for a permanent venue but until then, they won't be stopped. The first party in 2 months had guest MC Axiom representing on the mic. I'm late on this but forgive me, please! The B.I.G. Crew has been stocking up on the sick new grime & dubstep choons over the holidays and now it is time to let them loose on the bass deprived populace. If you've been tuning in to Grimewave FM every Friday, then you've had a taste of the madness. Megatron also added, "me and The One along with MC Child played a huge party opening for Moving Fusion at 1015 Folsom, one of the largest clubs in San Francisco and has the craziest bass bins I've heard. Made my eardrums rattle while I was trying to mix for realz. Anyway for more on that check out www.Groundscore.Net/board which has reviews of the event as well as the latest news about the Bay Area DnB and underground scenes on the forums....Grimewave-FM has also been taking off at and also on the FM Dial at 93.7FM in San Francisco. There are weekly archives of the show located at and people can even set it up as a podcast by following the instructions on the website. We do the show live every Friday night from 9pm to 11pm (Sat. morning at 5am to 7pm for you guys). There are contests for CD and Ticket giveaways and all kinds of crazy antics as well as special guests. More Grime City events to be announced soon!"

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