Sunday, 9 April 2006

Dummy Magazine out now!

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A message from the Editor:
Recently, I was stood in the crush outside a gig - Klaxons, seeing as you ask - and I overheard someone sniffily remark that they'd "only last five minutes". It's a timeless scenario: a band of young upstarts play music designed to be enjoyed then thrown away triggering reactionary dislike in some quarters. I slept easy that night: all is right with the world. As the British music scene reaches what must be terminal velocity, it's a drama played out with dizzying frequency and I for one think it's a wonderful thing. Does it get any better than trying to spot who has genuine star potential (Lady Sovereign seems a reasonable bet; see page 42), who's going to be here today and gone tomorrow (Test Icicles appear to be edging closer to the latter after a gruelling tour; page 58) and who's going to keep everyone guessing (Mystery Jets; page 74)? Yes, it does get better. Arguing about it. There's more cause for argument than ever in 2006 with new artists breaking at a frankly astonishing rate. It's a sign of good health and here at 'Dummy' we're delighted to be launching a magazine during such exciting times. We hope you enjoy the first issue. Even if it's only for five minutes.
Chris Cottingham, Editor

A note from Fiddy:
Well done to all the Dummy team and design don Dean Langley. Looking overly tidy. Forget them though. It's my blog therefore everything should be about me. I only care about self promotion. Don't get it twisted I don't give two shits about anyone/thing I write about really. Don't smile. I mean it. That's also why I laugh so much that I've broken my chair from reading the groupie bollox that my obsessed followers come with on Prancers bog. I'm here to earn sweetcorn and piss off to The Telegraph. I don't even like Grime, it's all about The Gossip, Noisettes, Remy Shand and even Hand Shandy for that matter... So as I was saying, read my Sway Q&A and Band Of Brothers piece (aka JME & Skepta) in the new issue of Dummy too.


dw070 said...

sorree to anyone who likes them but i can't fucking stand the testicicles. argh!

Brennen said...

yeah. the gossip. they played at my school a couple months ago. there were like 40 people and the sound was pretty bad, but that didn't stop a really good show.