Sunday, 9 April 2006

Working Out With Skinner

Streets shoe 1, originally uploaded by chantelle.

No he's not doing a fitness video although it could be a stroke of marketing genius, but Skinners taken his link with Reebok one step further and had these excluse trainers done to celebrate the launch of his 3rd album, The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Livin. You can't buy these but to win a pair log onto or check later in the week cause word on the road is they've got a pair to dish out too. As for the album itself, I've only listened to it once. Not a track for me that's yet beaten Blinded By The Lights but did really like Prangin Out and a couple of others (which I blatently can't remember the names of). I generally find with The Streets that I don't like the albums first time around. I only properly got into the first one after 'getting' the 2nd one. Worth the wait though. Oh and for the record, Skinner guarantees he not suicidal for anyone that reads NME. Anyone who caught the 4music special this weekend will agree he's still got it, depressed, high or whatever

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