Wednesday, 19 April 2006

In Loving Memory of Smash Hits

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I'm going to risk getting sued and upload my hotdate with Calvin, S Club Juniors or whatever they were called. It's not real, so don't have me arrested. It's what they call role play. I did one with Lemar too but I didn't feel quite so shameful. Doing this to Calvin was like taking the kid from the pen, rattle and all... Smash Hits we miss you x

I Can’t believe we’re going Windsurfing in Barbados.. "I know, I’ve been to loads of places like Thailand, the Caribbean, America, Australia but I’ve never been to Barbados before. I’m going to get you something really nice when we’re there, maybe a necklace, something you’ll remember the date by."

Are you nervous? You sent me so many texts yesterday? "I sent loads, millions, but I wanted to make sure you definitely liked me and everything was going smoothly. I don’t overload my texts though did you notice? It makes you want a girl more if she plays a bit hard so I try and do the same. If you say things like ‘I love you, I’ll never leave you’, you lose interest after a while. I want to keep you on your toes a bit. I want you to want more from me."

It worked, the last one you sent me was really sweet though... "Oh yes, looking forward to seeing you, you’re so hot you won’t need to bring your bikini top. I can be quite cheeky can’t I hahaha. You do look nice today, I don’t like tomboys. You’ve got really good xxxx, not too big like Jordan’s but well rounded... You’ve got great hair, great... xxxx

I could tell you were a bit shy, that’s why I asked for your number when I met you shopping on Oxford Street. What surprises have you got in store today?
"We’ll be in the sea for most of it but they’ll be lots of snogging. I’d love to snog you underwater, I did it once in a swimming pool though and nearly died."

It’s so beautiful here isn’t it?
"It is, lets go on a romantic walk to a lagoon, we can do it now as it’s getting dark and it will add to the moment."

I’d love to go horse riding through the sea... "Maybe we could do that another time, I’d have to think about it as I’m really not a big fan of horse riding. I much prefer wave riding or a trip to the jungle."

I’m really useless at this windsurfing lark... "But I still really like you. I can’t expect you to be good at everything."

Because we’re in the sea I haven’t been able to wear any make –up do you mind? "I don’t mind, I know a lot of girls don’t wear make up. Some girls look really pretty naturally, and I don’t like make up caked on. I do like a little bit of make up though normally."

Oh no, I’ve lost my bikini top!
"...stay there I’ll dive to the bottom of the ocean and get it for you."

I can’t believe we’re back on the plane already... "At least we can cuddle up, I like it when we can just watch TV together and be close. I guess I am quite a romantic aren’t I?"

Home sweet home. I think that’s your mum over there, are you going to introduce us?
"Of course. Mum this is my new girlfriend."

I can’t believe she said ‘go Calvin’... "My mums very supportive about that kind of thing, I can tell her if I snog someone. My dad gave me the pep talk though, ‘be careful son.’"

I thought you were going to start snogging me in front of her... "No, I had to take you around the corner to do that. All my mates were like check her out, she’s a good one."

Well I really had a really great time with you (Calvin goes in for another snog)... "We’ll keep in contact and hang out in town soon. They’ll be lots more snogging. We’ve got to be sensible, not too sensible but sensible."

Are you sure you had a good time? "Yes I did, and even If I didn’t I wouldn’t tell you because that wouldn’t be a very nice thing to do now would it?"


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Georgia said...

Hey guys,
My school are havin a music day where you have to dress up as a pop star, pop group or anything else to do with music! Me and my friends thought it would be wicked if we came in as you!
What kind of clothes should we come come in? HELP!
Georgia - better known as Sticker!
x x x x x x